Sustainable Enterprise.

A responsible partner

As a leading player in the industry, KHL believes in business practices that are transparent, accountable and sustainable


KHL does not employ child labour and its HR practices comply fully with the Singapore labour law. We always align ourselves with international best practises so long as they are relevant to our industry and they match the needs of our prevailing social environment. KHL offers employment beyond the official retirement age and we do not practice ethnic or sexual discrimination.

KHL is SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) audited and is a recipient of the Supportive Employer Award presented by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency.


KHL uses material from sustainable sources and employs technology and methods of production that are green and energy efficient. We do not use alcohol in any of our print sites to ensure that no health hazard is imposed on our operators. Soy-based ink is used on all jobs for the ease of post-consumption recycling. All our industrial waste, including plate developers, is disposed of by licensed contractors. Regular audits are conducted to ensure compliance and beyond.

We are also ISO 14000 certified and FSC accredited.


We take our suppliers and customers as partners and always strive towards a win-win long term relationship.

We believe in delivering quality products and services at equitable prices.

Whistleblowing Policy & Procedures

KHL Printing Co Pte. Ltd. and its group of companies adopt a zero-tolerance approach towards impropriety, unethical or illegal conduct and practices. The Group commits to operate in a professional, ethical, lawful and socially responsible manner and undertakes to advocate and practice integrity, fairness and good governance in every aspect of our business.

Employees, business partners, including suppliers, customers and contractors, as well as members of the public and community may report any concerns or complaints regarding questionable, unethical or illegal practices and misconduct, including corruption, bribery, fraud, conflict of interest, using this policy.

The Company is committed to look into all concerns raised and ensures that suspicious behaviour does not go unchallenged.

The Company will not tolerate any discrimination, harassment, reprisal or retaliation of any kind against anyone who has, in good faith (i) sought advice regarding any conduct that may be implicated by this Policy, (ii) reported a good faith suspicion of a violation of this Policy, or (iii) refused to participate in conduct that may violate this Policy.

The Company will take disciplinary action against an employee who made any frivolous or malicious allegation or for personal gain. Similarly, the Company will not hesitate to take any appropriate action, not excluding reporting the matter to the police, for malicious and unfounded complaints make by an external party following detailed investigations.

Any report of a suspicious conduct will be treated in strictest confidence. No employee or any personnel acting in good faith will suffer adverse consequences for reporting or for refusing to engage in prohibited conduct, even if such refusal results in loss of business to the Company.

Reporting Process
Concerns and complaints may be reported via the following channels:
- Address: 57 Loyang Avenue Singapore 508968
- Hotline: +65 6541 9855
- Email: whistleblowkhlprintcomsg

All information received through these channels will be kept strictly confidential. All matters reported will be referred to the Managing Director and decision will be made on whether to proceed with detailed investigation.

To facilitate effective evaluation and investigation of the complaints, taking into account the credibility and seriousness of the issues raised, employees and external parties are encouraged to include their names, full details of the allegations, such as date & time, details of parties involved, type of concern, evidence substantiating complaint, and contact details.

Unethical practices and irregularities to be reported include but not limited to the following:
1) Bribery & corruption;
2) Gifts, entertainment & sponsored travel;
3) Facilitation payment or kickbacks;
4) Misappropriation of funds or classified documents;
5) Discrimination;
6) Harassment;
7) Abuse & misrepresentation of power and authority;
8) Criminal acts, including theft, illegal moneylending, etc.

Effective remedial action, where allegations have been substantiated following detailed investigation, will be taken upon the conclusion of the investigation.