Print with Attitude

Deliver with Pride

Printing is both a science and an art. It is a science because you need the right machines to deliver the best speed and accuracy. It is an art because you need the keen eyes of a craftsman to take care of the finest detail in print. In KHL we have both elements.

KHL is proud to be a member of the prestigious International Quality Club (INCQC).

Our presses are manned by experienced long-serving printers and the equipment is maintained by a group of 15 in house engineers and technicians.

Depending on the run length, product size, substrate and turnaround time, the printed product can be output using state of the art digital equipment such as HP Indigo press, conventional sheet fed or high-speed web offset presses. We can deliver 48-page signature at speed of 70000 per hour for heat set, and 80-page signature at the same speed for cold set.

Paper substance range is from 36gm2 to 450gm2.

We operate round the clock throughout the year except for the official Chinese New Year Holidays.

We offer large format printing through our subsidiary who will take care of all your outdoor advertising needs, point of sales display standee, dress up your commercial vehicles including buses and train.

Press check’s experience can never be better. Our customer service personnel or supervisor will accompany you at the press. In between passes you can play a game of pool in our lounge, relax in the garden or simply take a rest in the suites that are specially prepared for you.

We invite trade buyers to visit us and a detailed plant list will be furnished on request.